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24″ Mini Transloader

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Efficient loading and unloading of railcars and semi-trailers.

The economical 24” Transloader is a completely self-contained unit designed to meet your transloading needs from railcars to semi-trailers. Designed to load and unload in any job, its low clearance conveyor easily slides under railcars or trailers, and its height allows for easy loading. This 3 wheeled unit is powered by the front and one of the rear wheels for best traction and steering control. The front wheel pivots 45* left and 45* right.


  • Low Profile Conveying System
  • High Performance Power Train
  • Horizontal Maneuvering Chassis
  • Wireless Control
  • Powerful Work Lighting
  • Up to 240 TPH capacity


  • Belt-Way Scale System
  • 6′ Conveyor Extension
  • Gate opener
  • Extendable spout
  • 600 CFM Dust Collector
  • Wireless Remote for all functions except Driving control
  • Cold weather package

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